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Real Green
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Its mission:

To provide educators who work in school, after-school, home, special programs and other settings with rapid and easy access to resources that support efforts to incorporate into their curricula the concepts, principles and applications of sustainable practices and technologies.

To provide educators with resources which enable them to contextualize their curriculum using real world applications of sustainable technologies and principles, and to help their students to understand related career and life opportunities.

To provide a means by which those who create and/or seek to distribute resources which educators can use for the above purposes can disseminate information about those resources.

To provide a means by which those who are applying sustainable practices and technologies in the real world can help teachers and students become familiar with their organizations, products and services, and with the opportunities that these present for education and for life.



Do you have a green education product or service that you want teachers to know about?


The Green Schools Alliance recognizes and supports the leadership role that schools can play in solving our environmental and climate challenges.


The NEED Project has created a rich array of curriculum resources for K-12 energy education.





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